03/31/20 – PPP Initial Application

On March 31, 2020 the U.S. Department of the Treasury released the application for the much anticipated Paycheck Protection Program loan. As noted in our COVID-19 Loan Summary below, we expected this loan to be extremely popular due to its ability to be forgiven; therefore, we are providing additional information on this particular opportunity.

While the application is available here, there are still some questions surrounding any additional documentation that lenders may require.  The application is not submitted through the SBA so you will need to reach out to your preferred lender to see if they are eligible to process these applications.  SKDO is here to make this process easier for you. We can assist in determining if this loan is the best option for you, verify supporting payroll records and calculations required on the application, and help you set up a plan to maximize the amount eligible for forgiveness.

See the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s website linked below for the official Paycheck Protection Program page which contains additional information on the loan process.

Link to Official Paycheck Protection Program page