You make critical decisions every day in managing your projects and your people, but do you have the time to control the bigger financial management issues facing your business? Many construction business owners spend their valuable time working in the business, but few are able to devote significant time and resources to work on the business.

At SKDO, we help our clients change their focus and improve their overall business management capabilities. Our goal is to provide sound advice to the general contractors, subcontractors, and home builders we serve by developing solutions for the more complex business management needs of the construction industry.

We accomplish this goal by helping our clients increase efficiencies in each of the four construction processes—estimating, production, accounting and analysis. In addition to traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, we offer industry-specific business advisory services designed to increase your profitability, improve your competitive position and reduce your operating costs.

Our construction industry specialists understand the importance of cash flow management, work in process, project estimating and scheduling, and cost allocation, as well as other operational and financial issues inherent in your industry.

Are you ready to partner with an advisor who can help your business succeed? Contact us today.