Questions about our outsourcing process? See below!

Why has the firm made the decision to use offshore staffing?
Due to the increased challenge in finding qualified and experienced accounting professionals, SKDO has made the strategic decision to tap into a global talent pool to ensure that we can continue to provide you with exceptional service.

How did the firm choose to partner with Entigrity?
We conducted extensive due diligence to select a reputable outsourcing firm with a track record of data security and quality work. Our top priorities in the selection process were data security, confidentiality, and the ability to have dedicated individuals that can integrate with our team. To add to its credibility, Entigrity is a member of our BDO Alliance Business Resource Network who we’ve partnered with for over a decade.

How will my data and personal information be protected during the outsourcing process?
We’ve taken extensive measures to safeguard your data both onshore and offshore. Just like us, Entigrity follows strict security protocols on-site and throughout their network. Some of these security measures include a controlled work environment for employees as well as strong firewalls and encryption processes for data security. If you would like more information on the data security processes of Entigrity, click here.

How will this affect the level of service I receive?
Our goal is to enhance the quality of service you receive. Offshore staff will primarily be utilized for data entry and basic preparation of tax returns. All tax returns will continue to be reviewed and signed by your normal tax advisor. The addition of these preparers will allow our existing staff to concentrate on tax savings strategies, advisory services, and overall quality of your return.

Will the firm just be using offshore staff this coming tax season?
We see the current staffing shortage as a long-term problem, so we’re hoping our offshore employees can be a long-term solution that we can continue utilizing in the future.

Will I interact with these offshore employees?
At this time, our offshore employees will not be reaching out directly to clients. All communication and requests for information will come from the staff you normally work with or one of our client support specialists.

Why am I receiving a consent to disclose?
Although these individuals were interviewed and trained by us and will work directly with our existing staff, they are direct employees of Entigrity, which is a third party. The federal government requires that you sign a consent form before we can disclose your information to any third party.

Do I have to sign the consent to disclose?
We are encouraging all clients to sign the consent form; however, a signed form is not required in order to engage us for your tax services. We are hoping the majority of our clients do participate so that we have the flexibility to schedule and utilize all of our staff to their fullest capacity.

We understand that our use of offshore staff may raise questions and concerns. We are committed to ensuring your experience with our firm remains positive and reliable. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.